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On this page you can find all the published health articles by Dana Fine! Please Enjoy!

Try Acupuncture articles:

Learn how acupuncture can help you detox by helping you become more flexible!

If you are starting an acupuncture practice here are 10 tips to make it successful!

Ever wonder why people receive acupuncture in their ears! Find out why here

Acupuncture unfortunately and wrongly has a bad reputation and so do Pit Bulls. In the article, Acupuncture is Man’s Best Friend, we learn why both have such bad press.

Find out how Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine compliment each other!

Animals are receiving acupuncture and loving it! Check out this article, Look to the Animals, Animals Don’t Lie!

Do you want to quit smoking? Try acupuncture

Want to know why your acupuncturist always wants to look at your tongue? It is even more fascinating than you might thin.

Ever wonder why acupuncture relaxes you? It has to do with your sympathetics and parasympathetics.

Why you should go to school for Chinese Medicine!

Chinese Medicine is more than just acupuncture!

Do you want to know why it is hard to find scientific proof about acupuncture? Read here.

Spring into Better Mental Health

Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram is sweeping the nation and I want to help these cuties.

In honor of President’s Day find out which acupuncture points correlate with the presidents on Mount Rushmore!

Acupuncture is a great tool to help induce labor.

Do you ever wonder why some points are needled more than others? I think it is because those are The Superhero Points!

The JUF News articles:

Being a grandmother can keep you healthy!

Are you uncomfortable when you wake up? It may be the position you are sleeping in. Read this article and find out which position works for you.

Learn more about why walking is great for you!

Some helpful hints to live Until 120!

The Jewish holidays are approaching! Find out why it is healthy to celebrate them, Yin, Yang and the Jewish Holidays.

Oy! Chicago articles:

Dana Fine writes for Oy Chicago. Her articles can be seen monthly.  Click here to read her Oy bio!

Read about almonds and some Jewish learning in Dana’s first published health article Almond jOY.

Find out why Dana started to be interested in health.

Pomegranates are delicious and nutritious. Did you also know that they are the perfect metaphor for Israel? Israel is a Pomegranate. 

I have been oil pulling for months and I can’t stop! Some would say I am a Coco-Nut! Find out Why I am a Coco-Nut!

It is time for us to forgive and start letting things go. My latest article connecting Frozen to Chinese medicine entitled “Let it Go.” can help you forgive.

Find out why animals tell the truth about Chinese medicine!

Lentil soup is not only delicious it is also nutritious! Give it up For Lentils!

Try to eat all of the colors of the rainbows! Each color has very important health benefits!

Stop thinking bugs are gross, they might be the hidden secret to better health.

Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ILaaom) article:

Check out a more in depth analysis of our book Kosher Chinese Medicine (Page 28)!

Starting an acupuncture practice can be difficult but hopefully this article can help make it a little easier.

Check out why we are so thankful I went to school for Chinese Medicine.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Blog

Our article about why we are so thankful we attended school for Chinese Medicine is on the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine blog. Check it out!


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