Dana Fine’s excellent clinical acumen and her genuine, caring and compassionate demeanor make her an outstanding healer. Ms. Fine is always supportive, nonjudgmental, upbeat, self-confident yet humble.

Ms. Fine diagnosed my atypical presentation of recurring shingles that was very painful. This diagnosis eluded my primary care physician as well as three subspecialists. Medical opinions ranged from fibromyalgia to COPD, from depression to cardiac arrhythmia, and from autoimmune disease to shoulder strain. It looked like my future would be filled with many other specialists until Ms. Fine came into the picture.

I previously saw her for acupuncture prior to knee replacement and her treatment eased the pain. I already knew that Dana Fine would apply her healing touch and would at least examine the area of my body that hurt rather than go down a list of differentials.

Dana Fine made me a partner in my care. She created an environment of trust and safety that allowed me to share my feelings and perceptions. She consolidated all I had told her with her keen observations and applied her impressive knowledge base to figured out why I was in so much pain. The Gua Sha treatment helped reduce the pain.

Ms. Fine instructed me to confirm her diagnosis with my primary care doctor. He concurred and put me on antiviral medication, Thank you, Dana Fime,

-A. B.

I had a terrible pain that would not go away. I described my pain to Dana and she said she could take care of it and knew exactly what it was. She took fantastic care of me and her treatment was top notch. I felt immediate relief. She went above and beyond by also showing me ways to to de-stress so I can avoid future pain. Dana was beyond helpful and I am looking forward to future visits.


I was fortunate enough to have Dana as my practitioner for four treatment sessions in which I asked her to work on my chronic fatigue and mood swings. Dana was always timely and has never made me wait for an appointment. During the inquiry, I felt that Dana listened attentively to me and considered everything I reported. I felt comfortable in her presence and she always put me at ease. I felt that Dana did her best to come up with an accurate treatment plan that would help me, and I felt that she truly cared that the outcome was a beneficial one. Dana has always behaved professionally in my presence. Over the course of my treatments I noticed definite improvements in my energy levels and mood. Overall, I think Dana Fine is an excellent practitioner and I hope to continue seeing her for future treatments.

-Aly M.

I’ve been experiencing pain in my right hip over the last two years and have treated with three different chiropractors, a craniosacral specialist, and various massage therapists.  Although the pain has been gradually diminishing over time, it is still there.  In May of 2013, I met with Dana Fine for treatment on my hip.  After a thorough initial intake, Dana treated me with acupuncture, cupping and herbs.  These treatments definitely helped to move out much stagnation from this area.  More importantly Dana was instrumental in helping me to realize the true nature of my pain, what I believe to be TMS.  Dana helped me to realize more clearly how the body wants to naturally heal and how stress and tension were blocking those avenues of healing for me.  Thanks Dana!  

-Rachelle H.

My experiences with Dana are always a good one. She is able to create a comfortable atmosphere, which allows me to relax and enjoy her treatments. Thanks to Dana, a minor injury to my heel improved within a matter of days.  Her knowledge and confidence is impressive, and I always walk out of her office feeling better than when I walked in. Thanks Dana!

-Abby S.

I have seen Dana Fine a few times for acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine. I like Dana she is friendly and engaging and does a great job explaining the treatment to me. The treatment is always very relaxing and her professional manner lets me know that she knows what she’s doing.



One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Dana Fine has been treating me for a multitude of ailments over the past year and I have found her knowledge and efforts to be incredibly healing. She is a compassionate professional and fosters exceptional listening skills, which is something of the past these days when it comes to western medical care. Her intakes are comprehensive and thorough. She always comes up with the perfect treatment that addresses the deeper root as opposed to a bandaid for the symptom. She is a stellar example of what the modern medical practitioner should aspire to be. Thanks Dana for your all your wonderful help!

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